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In eyes this: You’re sitting by your covered backyard pool, sunning yourself beneath your bittersweet tanning sunlight’s as you watch your poolside big awning TV. The basin is at a affable 99 degrees and the air acting central your basin asylum is a admirable 95 degrees. Your 3 attic house, 4500 aboveboard feet, is at a comfortable 78 degrees, all the lights usually all break on until asleep time, including all the basin allowance lights and heaters, and all alfresco aegis lights. The alfresco temperature is 14 degrees F. You are not agitated or even anxious because you no best pay an electric bill or a gas bill. You aftermath all that you charge in a little closet in your garage. You aftermath so abundant that you can advertise your balance ability to the ability aggregation who pays you a nice analysis every ages for the supply.

Congress says they acquire to buy it.

Isn’t that just a admirable account of how things care to be. As a amount of actuality how they care to be above the nation? At homes and baby business’s grocery aliment and bowling alleys, fast aliment restaurants and baby factories and while we’re at it, how about big factories like GM, G.E. RCA, Microsoft and the like.

Could you just brainstorm what it would be like to never acquire a storm knockout the ability for 300,000 humans in Oklahoma City, or anywhere abroad in the U.S., for a solid ages at a time and could cause so abundant suffering, accident of activity and plan abeyance and assets loss.

Can you brainstorm if all the aloft had that capability, how abundant they could save in assembly costs, how abundant their barter could save in the amount of a new car, ablution machine, TV, airplane, houses, ovens, coffee pots, computers? Its frequently anticipation that the accumulation in absolute activity costs from the boilerplate domiciliary assets would be as abundant as 40%, if the aforementioned technology was aswell activated to cars and barter carriage for the boilerplate household. So how abundant would that be at your house?

The U.S. currently imports $700 billion dollars a year in oil from humans who would just as anon see us perish. That abstracts out to be $23,333.33 for anniversary and every American on this planet, per year. Of advance a big gob of that goes for our military, federal and accompaniment governments as able-bodied as city-limits ammunition and adipose needs. And endure but not least, the amount of administration of 80% of all we use circadian alien by over the alley trucking and alternation bales transport. Ultimately the little guys basal the bill in taxes, fees, boundless accumulation margins etc. Don’t you just anticipate that is crazy expensive? I beggarly the absolutely nutzy affectionate of crazy? There is a accomplished heck of a lot of association that don’t even accomplish $23 GRAND A YEAR AND A GREAT BIG GOB OF OLDER FOLKS WHO WOULD BE IN HOG HEAVEN IF THEY COULD RETIRE ON THAT PER YEAR.

Now actuality is the body of the amount that will get your panties in a knot. The technology is actuality now to accommodate all that I acquire talked about so far and way above that. A REAL SMART FELLA NAMED NICOLA TESLA came up with the agnate of EBM about 200 years ago. His boss, a cheat alleged Edison and his claimed money man, J.P. Morgan busted him out of the accustomed advance of his adroit ability and concluded up blame the accomplished American accessible by foisting a centralized electric ability filigree and ability companies to clasp as abundant accumulation out of the humans as they would tolerate.

New York City-limits has had this technology for decades. To put it actual artlessly the technology is alleged EBM, Activity By Motion. It’s absolutely actual simple. Actuality is a simple agreement you can do to appearance yourself, with your own hands, what EBM Activity By Motion is, and what it can do for you.

Get 15 basal of 14 or 16 barometer chestnut wire. Blanket it in a braid about one of your hands; be abiding to leave about 6 inches from the alpha and the end of the cord of wire out of the braid at one end. Next get a flashlight bulb, blanket a few wraps about the abandon of the abject of the bulb, again band or cement the added wire to the advance button on the basal of the bulb. Next you yield a able bar allurement about the aforementioned breadth as the wire braid is continued and with your duke captivation it, Pass the allurement bound aback and alternating over that wire coil. THE BULB LIGHTS UP. You acquire fabricated electric activity by the agency of EBM Activity By Motion. No batteries, no ability curve no annihilation acquire the motion of your duke affective a abiding allurement over a braid of wire arch to a ablaze bulb. You in actuality became a allotment of an EBM generator. Add a little admeasurement to that braid and use added magnets with added alluring (Tesla Flux) strength, and you can ability all the needs of your home. This can appear a lot of finer by active your architect with a abiding allurement motor. Addition Tesla Invention bastardized by the cheat Edison. Poor Nicola should acquire never formed for Edison, never, never, never!

So do you acquire this account corrective in your mind’s eye bright enough? Does it assume like I acquire put a best afore you? Able-bodied I have. All the advice you charge is in accessible domain. At the library and on the net. Probably the alone way it will appear for you is if you do it for yourself. DIY FREE ELECTRICITY. Or here’s addition way to attending at it. Accept to abide in chains as a bondservant or accept to plan out your abandon for yourself, your sons and your sons son’s. What will you do? Can you say it out loud with your own voice? You can accept appropriate now!